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Modern, online flight scheduling for your flight school, flying club or rental fleet.

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FLY Online Tools provides innovative, integrated online solutions for flight scheduling, operations, aircraft maintenance and flight training syllabus tracking.

Chronos has been trusted by flight schools, flying clubs, and rental operators since 2013.


Efficient Flight Scheduling and Usage Tracking

Easy Scheduling

Visual calendar based scheduling gives your customers easy access to aircraft reservations.

Usage Tracking

Track the usage of all of your resources: aircraft, flight instructors, meeting rooms, simulators. View real-time Fleet Status of maintenance reminders.

Integrated Billing and Payments

Connect your merchant gateway and enable your customers to pay their account balance directly. Put billing on auto pilot and never mail paper invoices again.

Quickbooks Online

Automatically export invoices, payments and sales receipts to Quickbooks Online. Update your accounting books swiftly and easily.

Connect your Airbly account for seamless flight tracking updates into your Chronos usage log.

Other features include:

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Compatible with any browser based device.

All FLY Online Tools apps are browser responsive and work great at the smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer screen formats. There is no software to install, and you may be logged in from many devices simultaneously. Connections are HTTPS secure.

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Real-Time Fleet Status

Usage tracking feeds accounting and maintenance status.

After each flight, your customers will create a usage entry that logs hobbs, tach, cycles, landings, oil consumption, or any other custom 'timer' that you configure. Customer accounts are automatically billed and the aircraft maintenance statuses updated. Customers may also report squawks after their flight.

Aircraft maintenance status is shown next to the aircraft in the calendar and on a master Fleet Status report.

Flight time based maintenance reminders are predicted based on usage analytics that convert "10 hours due" to "predicted due date is Monday."

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Cost Models for Leasebacks

Create professional leaseback statements and payments.

Design a cost model for lease backs that include: revenues, maintenance expenses, engine fund, admin fees. Chronos will automatically update the lease account when usages are logged.

Print a monthly leaseback statement and export the payment check directly to Quickbooks Online. If you operate a fleet of five leased aircraft, it only takes about 10 minutes to process statements and checks for the fleet.

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Streamline your accounting with Quickbooks Online integration.

Smart invoice and sales receipt creation minimizes manual effort in Quickbooks.

As customers make payments to settle their accounts, the appropriate documents will be created in Quickbooks Online automatically (invoices, payments, sales receipts). Your income statement, balance sheet, and bank statement will always be up to date, with minimal effort required to reconcile your transactions in Quickbooks Online.

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Advanced Policy Control

Control access to aircraft with many checks and balances.

Some policy control may be fulfilled by the customer (e.g. upload a copy of pilot certificate), while others require expressed approval (make/model checkout by a CFI). Chronos supports all types of policy enforcement including: expiration of solo endorsements, expiration of make/model checkouts, required document uploads, instructor endorsements.

Customer access may also be restricted if they have a balance due on their account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start my service?

Follow this Launching Your Server help guide to commission your service. The process takes less than five minutes.

Can I try before I buy?

Your first 30 days is billed FREE with no obligation.

What payment gateways are compatible?

Authorize.NET, Cayan, Clover/First Data, Quickbooks Online

Can data be imported?

Client listings, reservations and past usage data may be imported to help you make a smooth transition.

Do you require long term contracts?

All FLY Online Tools products are provided and billed as "Software as a Service (SaaS)" with no long term obligation or contract. You may discontinue your service at any time.

Is my data secure?

Yes. Browser access is HTTPS encrypted for maximum security. Industry best practices are used to secure access and protect backup data. All data is processed in US based data centers located in New York and Dallas locations. Make sure that you and your staff establish strong passwords for admin and manager accounts.

PO Box 31332, St. Louis, MO 63131 USA

All software is developed in the USA. All data is processed and stored in USA based data centers.

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